10 Things To Know Before You Buy A Residence In Saudi Arabia

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  • Don’t buy a home right now. The market is currently experiencing a bubble.
  • Don’t buy the first place you see, nor the second, nor the third. Do your research and get a feel for what’s out there before you make an offer.
  • You can build from scratch or you can renovate, but don’t try to do both at once—unless you’re rich or insane (or both).
  • Rent before you purchase. This will give you an idea of what it costs to live in different areas, as well as how close or far away your ideal property should be from your work and other important places like schools and grocery stores. After all, that $280,000 four-bedroom villa may seem like it has everything going for it until you realize that it takes two hours to get from there to where you work every morning!
  • Figure out exactly how much money your residence costs per month by factoring in utilities, maintenance fees within the compound (if applicable), and transportation/gas prices (depending on its distance from work/schools). Also consider whether any of these things are included in the price of the property itself (some may be!). Again: do this before making an offer!
  • When calculating how much money your residence will cost per month, also factor in HOA fees (homeowner association fees) if applicable—including whether they are paid monthly or quarterly—and whether they have increased over time since construction on the complex was completed or in a recent year (and by how much). Some HOAs might be very affordable now but could increase down the road once renovation projects begin within their respective complexes!


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  • What is the real estate price in Saudi Arabia?

The real estate price in Saudi Arabia is very high compared to other countries and this is due to the demand for purchasing, selling and renting property in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh has a population of 6 million people, which means that there are many people who live and work there. These large numbers have made it difficult for people to find suitable places to live and rent. As a result, prices in Riyadh have increased rapidly over the past few years.

  • How to know the exact price of the apartment?

It’s hard to know exactly how much an apartment costs because there are so many factors involved when buying a house or apartment. Some factors include location (nearby hospitals vs shopping malls), size (smaller spaces may cost less money per square foot than larger ones) as well as amenities such as parking lots available nearby with easy access from street level entrances/exits on all sides of these structures which make them desirable but also expensive if you do not plan ahead before making your purchase decision.”


  • Know the different types of real estate you can buy in Saudi Arabia.

You should be aware of what type of residence you want to buy, so that you know what kind of house and area you are searching for. The types of real estate you can buy are:

  • Apartment (this is your average apartment building, think New York City style)
  • Villa/townhouse (these will be more like single family homes, or a duplex or triplex)
  • Other (includes whatever type of housing isn’t included in the list above; might include “studio” apartments, mobile homes, etc.)


To be able to buy a property in Saudi Arabia, you will need to prove that your financial income meets the requirements of the bank or lending institution. You will also need to provide them with documents showing proof of employment and your ability to pay back any loan.


There are many things to consider before buying property in Saudi Arabia. Here are the top 10 tips to keep in mind when you’re looking for a place to live.


  • The government checks your eligibility to purchase a property in Saudi Arabia.

Before you can buy a property in Saudi Arabia, you need to pass through the government’s eligibility assessment first. It is not uncommon for them to check whether the buyer is eligible to buy or not. This means that if you have any outstanding legal cases or charges against your name, then it will most probably affect your eligibility and chances of buying a property at all. Therefore, if you are planning on buying a residential property in Saudi Arabia, make sure that you do not have any legal issues hanging over your head.


  • The property is only available to citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • A non-citizen may not own property in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Expats who wish to purchase a residence in Saudi Arabia must first obtain approval from the Ministry of Interior.


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  • The real estate sector in Saudi Arabia is huge, and it’s only getting bigger. In fact, the market is expected to be worth $110 billion by 2020. The Kingdom is a popular place for expats to live, and it’s easy to see why. With its growing economy and vibrant culture, the Kingdom offers something for everyone—and that includes a wide variety of housing options for people of all budgets.*

10 Things To Know Before You Buy A Residence In Saudi Arabia

  • Know your budget
  • Know your requirements
  • Know the area
  • Know the developer
  • Know the payment schedule
  • Know the residence type
  • Know the residence maintenance
  • Know the residence amenities

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