7 Horse Riding Apps To Make Your Riding Easier

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COTH App (Chronicle of the Horse – Android and iOS)

The COTH App, named for the Chronicle of the Horse Magazine and website, allows both current and past subscribers to access the entire collection of magazines dating back to the 1930s. This is amazing if you are looking for a specific article from an old issue or want to look through old magazine covers. There’s even more than just magazines! The app also has a calendar of horse shows and competitions that are in your area. It also helps you find all the necessary information about these upcoming events. The COTH app doesn’t allow you to enter these competitions, but it does make it very easy for you to find competitions that would be right for your horse! This app is free but requires a subscription to the magazine in order to use it.

The Equestrian Coach app for iOS

The Equestrian Coach for iOS is a horse training app that provides videos, articles and other learning tools to help you become a better rider. It’s appropriate for riders at any level—from beginner to advanced—and unlike some horse training apps, it doesn’t require you to have a coach.

The app includes information on everything from training advice, grooming ideas and general horsekeeping knowledge. There are several exercises, tests and tricks you can try with your horse or pony. The exercises include both dressage and show jumping lessons, with topics ranging from how to jump the triple bar safely and how to prepare for competition day.

Other areas of content include health and nutrition for your horse, explanations of what certain types of tack are used for, as well as tips on leading your horse safely in different locations (like going through water).

Although much of the app is free, some content is only available if you subscribe or spend real-world money within the app.

Equestrian Vault app for Android

The Equestrian Vault app for Android is an all-in-one tool that you can use to manage your horses, events, contacts and your own training activities. The app lets you track your horses’ weight and vital statistics, such as height at the withers and heart girth. You can even map out your horse’s favorite trails!

Equestrian Vault’s super simple interface and extensive features set it apart from other horse management apps on the market. It has everything you need to keep track of your equine endeavors in one convenient location.

EquiSketch app for Android and IOS.

  • EquiSketch App

This app is a drawing and sketching tool that allows you to easily draw or write on photos or blank backgrounds. The app offers several features, including:

Easy-to-use drawing tools with customizable colors and brush sizes.

Add text of different fonts, colors, and alignments to images.

Wide variety of drawing or photo frames to choose from (including the option to create your own custom frame).

Ability to share your drawings on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Equicizer App – Android and IOS

Equicizer allows you to practice riding without having to be mounted on a horse. You can use the Equicizer in your home or at the barn, any time of day or night. The realistic movement of the Equicizer makes it an excellent tool for training and working through various movements with your horse at home. It is designed to teach correct position and allow riders to develop independent seat, balance, and coordination while improving their timing with their equine partners.

The Equicizer is small enough to fit into most vehicles so you can take it anywhere! It has been used by many professional equestrians who want extra time practicing their skills without the expense of a real horse. This app allows users who have limited access to horses an alternative way of learning how ride better!

HorseRider’s Diary app for iOS and Android

HorseRider’s Diary is a simple diary app for riders. It’s easy to use and keeps track of your riding goals, your horse’s diet and health, and it has an information library which includes insurance companies’ details. The app features a calendar and reminder function.

These are some horse riding apps that can really help you as a horseperson.

Whether you’re a horseperson who’s just learning the ropes, or an experienced owner looking for apps to help make your riding easier, there are several apps that can help you out. Here are some of our favorites:

  • HORSE RIDING LOG PRO (also available in a free version)

If you’re looking for an app that is going to impress your friends and family with how much it can do for you, then this is the one. It does everything from tracking your distance ridden on each horse to reminding you when the next time is you should deworm. In addition to helping keep track of your horses’ health, it will also remind you when it’s time for lessons and appointments! The only downside? It costs $8.99 or $12.99 depending on which model (iPhone or iPad) you want. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth though!

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