Dressage Horse Care

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Horse Care 101

Horse Care 101

You’re interested in learning about horse care, but you don’t know where to start. This page is for you!

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Horse Anatomy | Horse Grooming | Horse Feeding | Horse Health Care | Horse Safety

Horse Anatomy

Who We Are

Hello! We are a group of horse enthusiasts who have been caring for horses for years. From the outside, caring for horses may look like an easy task, but it is incredibly important to give your horse the attention they need to be truly happy and healthy. We are very passionate about horses, and we want to share our care tips and tricks with you!

What We Do

Welcome to the Dressage Horse Care blog! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to visit us. Dressage Horse Care is a blog dedicated to providing information about how to care for your horse. Our goal is to make sure that every horse owner has the knowledge they need to keep their equine friend healthy and happy. We have been writing about horses for over 10 years, and we are passionate about the well-being of these animals. You can trust that the information on this site is both accurate and well-researched. We thoroughly research each topic we write about, so you can feel confident in what you read on our site.

Our Blog Posts

On our blog, we share everything from horse care tips and tricks to the best products for your horse. We also talk about some of the common problems horses face and how you can keep your horse happy and healthy.

The Horses You Love to Ride

Horses are one of the most intelligent and intuitive animals. Their ability to bond with a human and develop a relationship is second to none. While they do learn quickly and can be relatively easy to train, they will take advantage of you at every opportunity if given the chance. Understanding their nature is critical in having a healthy and respectful relationship with your horse.

Horses are social animals that can form strong bonds with people or other horses. Like any animal, they need companionship and interaction, but unlike dogs which crave interaction with humans, horses can be happy living in herds without any human contact whatsoever. Horses live together in herds as protection from predators because their instincts tell them that there is safety in numbers.

Horses are prey animals meaning that their instinctive response when faced with a threat is to flee from the danger via flight behavior – running away at full speed – rather than fight back or stand still (freeze). To survive as prey animals, horses have been equipped by nature with an uncanny ability to sense predators such as wolves from far off, enabling them to run before being seen or caught by the predator. They have acute eyesight (with panoramic vision), sensitive hearing and an incredible sense of smell which all serve as early warning devices for potential threats; once alerted, flight provides safety for themselves and the herd. Additionally, because they live in large groups where each member depends on all others for survival, they must get along or risk being ostracized from their herd resulting in almost certain death since they cannot survive on their own against predators. Therefore maintaining harmony within the herd is vital.

You’ll love this blog about horses and how to care for them.

We have a wonderful blog about horses. Our blog is designed to help you learn how to take care of your dressage horse or pony in a way that will keep them healthy and happy. We provide advice on all aspects of horse care including nutrition, grooming, housing, equipment and training. We also keep up-to-date with new products and ideas that can be used by owners of dressage horses to improve the comfort and welfare of their animal. In addition, our articles answer frequently asked questions about horse health issues such as lice infestations, joint problems and more!

If you would like more information about how our blog could help you take better care for your dressage horse please visit us today by clicking here now!

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