Funny Horse Jumping Accidents – You Will Laugh Or Cry

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Woman falls off horse in arena and gets run over by other horses.

In this video, a woman is participating in a horse jumping competition. As she and her horse sail over the first jump in the arena, she gets knocked off her mount. After being thrown to the arena floor, she is run over by other horses before finally escaping from the field of play. She was not seriously injured (thankfully). In fact, after being examined by medical personnel she went on to ride another horse during that same competition. I don’t know how well they did, but you have to admire her toughness!

Horse starts to jump, but decides to instead trot off course, horse rider just barely hanging on, looking quite sad.

This is a funny video. The horse starts to jump, but then turns around and trots off course, and the rider just barely hangs on before falling off. We bet the rider was very surprised! The horse looks so cute. It probably got scared of something. Hopefully the horse didn’t get hurt, because we love horses and don’t want them to be hurt. We think that the rider was very lucky she didn’t get hurt either! Maybe someone in the crowd said something that spooked the horse?

A horse jumps over the jump with a man hanging off his side, like something out of a cartoon or circus.

Horse shows tend to be calm, but sometimes the unexpected happens. This horse was apparently startled by something and went off course. The rider wasn’t ready for this sudden change of plans and had to improvise. In the end, everyone was fine: the horse, rider, and crowd were all safe. That’s a relief—it would’ve been pretty embarrassing for someone to be seriously injured during horse show jumping!

The horse and rider go so high up over the jump that they flip upside down and then fall down onto the ground.

This is an interesting one, and we’re not exactly sure how it happens. Somehow, the rider gets themself so high up into the air that they flip over backwards. The horse then falls on top of them and they both go down to the ground.

A horse slips just as it begins its approach to the jump, falling on its side and sending its rider flying into the air, landing on her back.

In this video, we see a horse and its rider preparing to jump. The rider directs the horse with the reins and her knees, but as the horse approaches the jump, it slips on a pebble just behind where its hoof had been planted. It falls on its side and sends the rider sailing into the air.

The entire thing happens in about three seconds. As soon as she hits the ground (on her back), she sits up and starts laughing at what has just happened! Her laughter is contagious—it’s hard not to feel happy for her when you hear it, even though she could have been seriously injured. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

A rider loses her seat when the horse jumps, but quickly regains her balance and finishes the course without further incident.

Mishaps and missteps are always possible in the world of equestrianism, but there’s no room for error when you’re jumping over giant fences on a horse. In this clip, a rider loses her seat when the horse jumps, but quickly regains her balance and finishes the course without further incident. This is easiest to do if your instructor has taught you how to properly fall out of your saddle—but hopefully you won’t need to use that skill any time soon!

You need to be careful when you’re around horses!

If you’re interested in riding a horse for the first time, equestrian sports can be quite dangerous. You need to be careful around horses! You must approach a horse correctly and pay attention to the reactions of the animal.

First, make sure you know how to mount and dismount a horse properly. This is especially important if you’re going over any jumps or doing any other sort of fancy riding. If you fall off a horse while trying to do something complicated, it’s important that you know how to get back on your horse quickly so that no one else is injured by your falling off (and, hopefully, so that no one else sees your fall).

If you do happen to fall off of your horse, pay attention and follow these guidelines:

  • Get out of the way! – Horses are large and often lose control in scary situations.
  • Don’t move too quickly – Some horses may react aggressively if they see someone moving suddenly near their feet.
  • Stay where you are until help arrives – Help will come eventually; usually within 5 minutes or less depending on where you are.

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