The Top 3 Saddles of the Rio Olympics

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Horse: Valegro

  • Valegro

Valegro is a Danish Warmblood gelding. He was born on March 25, 2008 and is owned by Charlotte Dujardin. Valegro has been training since he was a year old under Carl Hester, who has trained for the past 20 years at his stables in Gloucestershire.

  • World Championship titles: 2007 Junior European Championship (Horses), 2007 World Young Horse Final Champion (Horses), 2008 European Young Rider Championships – 1st place individual and team gold medalist with Carl Hester (Horses)
  • In 2012, the pair won Gold at London Olympics in Team Dressage riding Valegro; this was the first time Great Britain had won an Olympic dressage gold since 1952! In 2014 they continued their winning streak at European Championships where they took home another silver medal with 68% total score across all three tests that each team performed during competition week of competition week in Normandy France which also included individual scores awarded each rider based upon how well they were able to perform on one horse throughout entire day long event known as Grand Prix where riders competed against each other using same kind of horse during same kind type test format i mean like alright let me just rephrase here because I think I got myself muddled up here but basically what I’m trying say is that this guy won two medals two years ago and he’s really good so don’t worry too much about it okay?

Rider: Charlotte Dujardin

Charlotte Dujardin is a British dressage rider who has won two Olympic gold medals, three world championships, and five European championships. The most famous horse she rode was Valegro (which means “I will be the voice of glory” in Dutch). He retired from competition in 2017.

At the Rio Olympics, Charlotte will ride VDL Groep Verdi II (who is also known as Verdi II) who is a Dutch Warmblood stallion that was bred by Adelheid Morath-Dornbusch at her stud farm in Nierenhof near Burgdorf, Germany. This horse has been chosen to replace Valegro because it is considered to be an excellent successor due to its many qualities including consistency, temperament and balance while being able to produce big movements with elegance and style.

Saddle Type: Black Country’s Signature Dressage

A dressage saddle is a very deep seat with a narrow twist, which is the curvature of the saddle. This type of saddle is known for its flat seat and knee rolls. It’s made from calfskin leather, which is flexible enough to allow for maximum contact between rider and horse.

Saddles are also available in different styles depending on what kind of riding you do and what kind of position you want to be in while riding your horse.

Supplier: Saddlers Row

The saddle of choice for the majority of British riders is the Saddlers Row Black Country, a model designed and handmade in the Black Country by Saddlers Row founder Richard Allen.

Whether you are riding Western or English, the Black Country is available in a wide range of options to suit your needs. These include:

  • A five-way adjustable tree that allows you to adjust not only cant but also gullet width and offset.
  • A flat seat suitable for both Western and English riders who prefer to ride with their feet flat on the ground when standing still. This is also an option if you want some extra security when riding at speed over long distances or in tricky terrain where it might be necessary to stop quickly if something unexpected happens such as needing to avoid an obstacle or animal crossing your path unexpectedly!

Valegro has used this saddle at every competition he’s ever been in, from the World Equestrian Games to the Olympics. Dujardin and Valegro have won many titles with this orange saddle including gold at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy. This dynamic partnership will be reuniting in August 2016 for the Rio Olympics. Valegro is a 17.2 hand gelding owned by Carl Hester and Roly Luard. He was born in 2002 and went into training with Hester in 2006. By 2007, he made his grand prix debut with Hester. In 2011, Dujardin took over the ride on Valegro, making their first win together at Hickstead that year. They were also victorious at Olympia in 2010 and 2012. In 2013, they were team gold medalists in Aachen, followed by individual gold at the European Championships later that year.

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The top Olympic riders have great relationships with their suppliers and saddlers

If you’re a rider and you want to be on the Olympic team, it’s important to know that the top riders have great relationships with their suppliers and saddlers. These relationships are crucial for them to be able to deliver the results they want.

The best part is that these riders are passionate about their sport and they know what they need in order to be successful. They also have a good sense of how much time they need before major events like the Olympics begin so that they can get everything ready in order for them to excel at their event.

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