Tips to Navigate the Formal and Informal Equine World

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Be kind.

  • Be polite to everyone. Every person you meet, no matter their job title or status, has a story to tell—and an opinion worth hearing.
  • Be friendly to everyone and don’t talk about other people negatively. The world is small, and word travels fast. If you have something nice to say about someone, say it in person; if not, keep your mouth shut!
  • Don’t make assumptions about other people’s wealth or status based solely on what they wear or drive (unless it’s obvious that they’re trying hard not do so). For example: don’t assume someone is wealthy just because they get dropped off at the event by chauffeured limo; instead ask them where they live so that you can find out more about them! Many people will be flattered by this kind of interest rather than insulted by having their true social standing questioned just because they happen not own their own private jet yet!

Don’t do things to impress people.

But don’t do it to impress people, because that’s just not cool. If you’re a genuinely nice person who likes to help others and isn’t afraid to admit mistakes, then you’ll be fine. If you’re not a genuinely nice person, then all of this advice is going to fall on deaf ears anyway.

Don’t try too hard! Be yourself, and don’t try to be someone else—sometimes we get caught up in trying to fit in that we forget about who we really are as an individual (which leads us down the path of being fake). Don’t worry about impressing anyone or competing with others—you can still make friends by showing how awesome your personality is through what you say and do without having any ulterior motives like winning a popularity contest or proving yourself superior over someone else.

Dress to impress.

When you are meeting someone for the first time, it’s important to dress to impress. Make sure your clothes are clean and fit well, as well as flattering. Many people will wear their best clothing when attending formal events with horses or other animals. If you have a belt, make sure it matches your outfit; if not, wear one that fits in with your style and complements your outfit. Wear clean polished shoes and make sure your nails are trimmed short so they don’t catch on anything during the day—or worse yet, during a lesson! Men should wear a tie or bow tie if possible; this shows that you respect yourself enough to take pride in how you look and want others around you to see that as well!

Make friends in your own community first.

Make friends in your own community first.

  • Focus on building relationships with people around you.
  • Don’t try to impress people with your accomplishments.
  • Don’t do things for people just to get them to like you.
  • Don’t talk about other people negatively, even if they are not present at the moment (this includes yourself).

Enjoy yourself and don’t try to be something you’re not.

As you enter the equine world, it’s important to remember that everyone has their own interests and hobbies. Some people enjoy riding horses, while others prefer to race cars and still others find joy in playing video games at home. It’s not uncommon for members of a specific community (whether it’s a form of sports or something else) to spend much of their time engaged in that activity; however, this isn’t necessarily true for every participant.

If you’re new to an activity but would like to meet more people who share your interest, try introducing yourself as such instead of trying too hard or babbling on about what you know best at all times. This approach will help others get to know you better without feeling pressured into sharing anything they aren’t comfortable with yet—and with practice and patience on both sides, everyone will feel more comfortable around each other eventually!

Don’t talk about other people negatively.

It is an unfortunate reality that many humans are insecure, self-centered and judgmental. It’s easy to fall into these traps when interacting with others, but you should always strive to be better than that.

A great way to keep yourself out of trouble is by being mindful of what you say about others. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then it’s best not to say anything at all!

If someone does something wrong or does something that makes you angry—and this happens often—instead of gossiping about them behind their back, follow the Golden Rule: treat others as if they were in your place and don’t talk badly about them when they’re not there (or even when they are). When we feel like we’re on top of the world, it seems natural for us to put other people down so we can feel better about ourselves; however if everyone followed this rule instead of judging each other based on their actions or appearance alone through gossiping then everyone would have more respect for one another because we wouldn’t be making assumptions based off someone else’s actions without knowing why those actions happened in first place.”

Be gracious – even if you’re feeling anxious or insecure, remember to be friendly and kind to others! They’ll appreciate it!

  • Don’t judge others. You don’t know what they are thinking, feeling or going through.
  • Don’t be rude. Not everyone is going to be your friend, and that is okay!
  • Don’t be selfish. Your needs are important, but so are everyone else’s! Remember this when you’re trying to navigate society and meet new people
  • Be a good listener: listen more than you talk (this will come in handy in meetings)
  • Be a good listener: ask questions about the other person rather than just talking about yourself all the time (this will come in handy when meeting someone new)

You can navigate the world no matter what your background is.

You can navigate the world no matter what your background is. Be kind, gracious, and friendly. Don’t do things to impress people—be yourself and enjoy yourself. Dress to impress but don’t try too hard: one of my first “real” jobs was in an office where everyone dressed up every day even if they were just answering phones. I had a hard time adjusting because I thought it was strange for everyone who worked there to wear a suit every day! As for meeting new people—make friends with people who share similar interests as you do at school or at work; get involved with clubs or teams; join Facebook groups; go online through social media sites like Twitter or Instagram (@__rachelia_); etc…

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