Which Horse Rider Are You? There are 4 horse riders. Let us introduce you to them

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The Romantic Rider

This rider is all about the experience and feeling of riding. If you are a Romantic Rider, then you enjoy long rides in the outdoors on your own or with a partner. You love being connected to your horse and appreciate the romance of riding. You might be a classical rider, who prefers jumping to cross-country but enjoys dressage as well (or even better than hunting), or you could be someone who looks forward to hacking out after work.

Either way, this type of rider is all about enjoying the act of riding in itself (although they may not enjoy competing). They find it therapeutic, calming and relaxing while at the same time an adrenaline rush. These riders bond with their horses – they become attached emotionally and often look after them like children. They’re not interested in racing or showing off — they just want to relax and ride!

The Social Rider

Like the name suggests, social riders are attached to riding as a social activity. They enjoy being around other people who share their love of horses. A good ride isn’t necessarily an alone ride; it’s a ride with another horse person.

And fun fact: people who like to horseback ride with others tend to have favourite horses they like to hang out with! How can you tell if you’re the favourite? Just ask yourself: do you always follow the same horse around at the stables? Do you try and get in every photo possible with him/her? Do you go as far as naming your car after that horse? Then you’ve found your soul-horse!

If this sounds like your style, you probably like being part of a group when it comes to riding, and may never be seen without a helmet, saddle and bag of treats at hand! You look forward to shows and events where everyone gets together. Everyone knows this rider loves hanging around their favourite horsey friends.

This is someone who is not necessarily interested in competitions or formal training; someone who likes working together and learning from others because it’s more fun that way!

Sometimes all it takes is one person with a genuine interest in something for others to join in on the fun – just like The Social Rider!

The Competitive Rider

You love to win, and you are enthusiastic about perfecting your riding discipline. You probably enjoy dressage or show jumping, where presentation and perfection of movement play a big part. Your horse’s performance is a reflection on your training skills: if they don’t perform well it can be frustrating for you.

The Competitive Rider tends to be most suited to Equestrian Sport Insurance because the cover includes prize money if you win at a competition (up to the value of $3,000), along with legal liability because of the inherent risks associated with horse riding. The main policy benefits include:

The Natural Rider

Not all riders have the same horse riding style. In fact, there are four main personality types! If you identify as a natural rider, you may be confident, risk-taking, and relaxed. You know how to tell which rules are worth following, and which ones aren’t. Always experimenting with different techniques and styles is your jam. If something doesn’t go right the first time—or if it’s just not working out—you’re willing to try again in a different way to get the job done. You like to take things into your own hands and figure out how they work on your own whenever possible.

You’ve probably been riding for many years already, as this style isn’t one that lends itself well to beginners (unless you know someone who can help you figure everything out). The downsides of being a natural rider are that sometimes people don’t understand the way you do things or why you take certain risks. They may think that you’re only interested in learning about what works for YOU rather than listening to advice from others (even though that may not be true at all).

Learn more about your horse rider personality and how you enjoy riding.

Your horse rider personality is something that has been with you since you first picked up a reins, so there’s no surprise it’s hard to pinpoint. Whether you’re an old-timer in the sport who has been riding for decades or a recent convert, each of these horse riders represents a different type of horse handler.

Once you find out your type, take the time to immerse yourself in it and let yourself get to know your way around.

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