Why You Need A Horse Riding Helmet Protecting Yourself Is The Most Important Thing In Riding

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You Could Sustain Serious Injury Without One.

Wearing a riding helmet is important for your safety. It can prevent you from sustaining serious injury. We encourage you to wear the right helmet for the activity. For example, when riding on roads and highways, make sure to wear a motorcycle helmet that complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218 or Snell Memorial Foundation’s “M” rating. If you are planning on participating in trail rides or competitions, then make sure to purchase a horse riding helmet that has been approved by ASTM International or SEI (Safety Equipment Institute).

It Can Give Other Riders Confidence To Ride With You

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What Would You Do If Your Horse Took Off?

If a horse takes off and you’re not wearing a riding helmet, what would you do?

You would grab the reins and steer them away from oncoming traffic, right?

What if you were on the road at night with no lights or reflective vests? How could you stop the horse from running into another vehicle or getting hurt by something else on the road? Would that make sense to do?

If not, then why are we riding without protection for our heads when so many dangers can occur while we’re out there in the wilderness with no protection for our bodies—especially when most accidents happen during early morning hours or late at night.

You Could Even Be Injured By Another Rider

You could be injured by someone other than your horse. It’s not just the horse that can cause injury, as there are multiple ways that you can be hurt while riding. This includes other riders and even the public! While most injuries occur when another horse is involved, it’s not uncommon for riders to fall off their horses and hit something else that isn’t moving. This happens more often than you might think!

It’s important to always wear a helmet when riding. If you’re wearing one of these protective headpieces and something happens (like if another rider falls in front of your path or if a car drives into a crowd), then at least some of the impact will be absorbed by your head instead of landing on it directly—that means less pain and fewer injuries overall!

Riding On The Road Is Something That A Lot Of Riders Do And It’s Risky

You may have heard that riding on the road is often a good idea for riders to practice their skills and relieve stress from riding at home. On the surface, this thought makes sense: you’re on horseback, so why not head out for a trail ride? But there are some important factors to consider before taking your horse out on the open road.

First of all, horses are easily spooked by things they don’t recognize or understand (like cars). If you’re riding in traffic with your horse and they get scared by another vehicle passing by them, they could buck or rear up—and if you’re not wearing an appropriate helmet, there’s no guarantee that it will protect you from any head injuries!

Second of all…well…driving can be pretty dangerous sometimes! People get distracted behind the wheel all the time because their phone rings or their kids call them over for dinner or another driver cuts them off unexpectedly; these distractions lead to accidents that often involve pedestrians or cyclists getting hit by cars. When you’re on horseback however…the only thing between other vehicles and yourself is usually just a single piece of fabric called “your riding hat” (or “helmet”)! That doesn’t sound like much protection at all when compared with something like steel-toed boots which provide excellent shock absorption during impact collisions caused by falling off horses while galloping through traffic at high speeds!

Wearing a riding helmet and staying safe is very important.

Wearing and using a riding helmet is the best way to protect your head.

When you’re riding a horse, it’s important that you stay safe and that you don’t get hurt.

You should wear a riding helmet when riding a horse because if you were to fall off of a horse without one, then your head could be seriously injured from hitting the ground.

If we want horses and humans to ride together safely on the roadways, we need to make sure that everyone is wearing their helmets at all times!

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