Top 3 Versatile Gloves for Long Distance Bikers

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Pearl Izumi Sun Gloves

The Pearl Izumi Sun Gloves are lightweight and breathable, made with a mesh back. They also have a low-profile and stretchable palm, making it easy to pull on and off with a soft terry panel to wipe sweat. The gloves have UPF 50+ sun protection with built-in Velcro closure for your convenience. There’s no excuse for not buying these gloves when you consider the numerous benefits!

Giro Blaze Slip-on

Giro Blaze Slip-on

The Giro Blaze Slip-on is made of durable materials that make it a great choice for long distance bikers. The top layer of the glove is made of Clarino synthetic leather, which provides durability and weather resistance while maintaining breathability and flexibility. The bottom layer is made of Super Fit engineered AX Suede palm material, which gives the rider a more comfortable fit by eliminating bunching on the surface of the palm as well as providing increased durability. The tips of your thumb and index finger will be protected from rough surfaces thanks to its Dura Finger pittards coated fingertips. Another helpful feature for long distance cyclists are its porous mesh panels that allow for airflow to keep your hands cool during long rides. However, because their padding is minimal compared to other gloves, they may not be ideal for short distance bike rides where you’re not likely to face rough surfaces or rough conditions at all.

100% Airmatic Glove

You’ll enjoy the protection provided by the 100% Airmatic Gloves, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Even though they’re affordable, they still offer up great comfort and strong wrist support.

These gloves will protect your palms from rough surfaces with their long fingers. Whether you ride on a paved road, dirt road or even if you prefer to ride on grass and gravel, these gloves can do it all; you won’t need multiple pairs for different types of rides. They are made with breathable fabric that helps keep your hands dry during your rides.

Your hands deserve the best protection!

When biking long distances, your hands are your first line of defense. They’re the connection between you and a bike. Protecting them is crucial to preventing injury, especially when you’re biking on rough surfaces or weather conditions—which is why gloves are such a necessity for many riders.

Gloves also provide other benefits, including sun protection and keeping your hands warm in cold weather.

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