Welcome to the horse shop! This is where we sell all things related to horses.

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Horse saddles

Our saddles range from the classic English saddle to the Western and treeless variety. We even have a few that are designed for larger animals like donkeys and camels!

Horse halters

A halter is like a bridle but with no bit. Halters are used to lead horses around, and they’re also sometimes used for riding. They’re often made of rope or leather, though some people prefer nylon halters because they don’t break as easily as leather ones do.

When you first get a horse, your trainer will put it in a halter so that he can lead it around without having to hold onto the reins himself! When you start riding your horse, trainers might use halters because they allow them to control their mounts’ movements more easily than with reins alone (though there are other reasons why this happens).

Horse reins

A rein is a strap used to control a horse or other animal. These straps are connected to the bit, which sits in the mouth of the horse, and allow you to steer it as well as direct its movements. The reins can be made from different materials such as leather or synthetic materials like nylon. There are two types of reins: curb reins and snaffle reins. Curb reins are used with bits that have rings on either side of them (such as those found in English saddles), whereas snaffle reins are used with bits that only have one ring on each end (such as those found in Western saddles). Reins may also be used during racing competitions involving horses, although this is not common practice today because there is generally no need for human intervention while racing horses

Riding boots

Riding boots are made to be worn by riders. They’re long and come in different styles, such as left- or right-sided zippers, ankle or thigh high length, and more. The most common design is a simple calf boot with a leather vamp (or top) that wraps around the foot and ankle. The heel can be either flat or pointed, depending on what you prefer.

Look for riding boots that have snaps at the side of the ankle so that you can easily get them on over your jeans when you ride (or off when you’re taking care of other things). Some people find boots with buckles more comfortable than snaps because they don’t have to struggle getting their feet stuck while putting them on by themselves!

Carriage wheels and axles

  • Wheel size: The wheel size should be determined by the car you want to pull, as well as how much weight it will be carrying. Typically, wheels range from 12″ to 24″.
  • Wheel material: Wood is often used for carriage wheels due to its ability to absorb shock and flex, which helps prevent breaking under pressure. Steel wheels are also common but can cause damage when hitting rocks or other hard objects on the road.
  • Wheel maintenance: Wheels should be wiped down with a damp cloth after each use; never use petroleum products like WD-40 because they can degrade the wood surface over time! You may also want to consider applying linseed oil (a natural preservative) every few months for added protection against moisture damage caused by heavy rains or snow melts during springtime months when you’re out driving around town looking for something fun do with your family members who need some weekend activities that don’t involve shopping at malls all day long until closing time comes around before going home again so everyone can sleep peacefully tonight knowing tomorrow’s another Friday which means there’ll be more opportunities ahead where friends/family members get together again!! YAYYYYYY!!!

Whip whacks

A whip can be used to train your horse, discipline your horse and even ride it. The whip is a must-have tool for any rider. It can also be used in competitions where riders have to dress up in fancy costumes, which makes them look like they’re from another planet or something.

If you have a misbehaving horse that won’t listen to you or just won’t behave correctly for some reason, then this is the perfect solution! Whips are great for riding and training horses because they hit hard enough that most animals will learn quickly not to do whatever it was they were doing before using one on them.

Come on down to the horse store for everything you could need for your horse!

Come on down to the horse store for everything you could need for your horse! We have a wide range of products in stock, including saddles and bridles in various sizes and colors.

If you’re looking for a saddle that fits well and will last, we recommend the Saddle Hut brand. The quality is high, but they’re affordable enough that anyone can afford one. Their designs are popular among riders because they are simple without being boring; there’s often a touch of flair or trim detail in the stitching or leatherwork.

If you’ve got an old favorite already but want to freshen up its appearance with some new matching tack pieces, then try adding some matching spurs from our selection at Mr John’s Tack Shop! These come in many different styles so that you can find something that suits your personal taste—whether it’s traditional Western-style or modern European designs with intricate scrollwork or subtle patterns on the shafts of each spur (or even both!). Depending on where these were made overseas though (typically England), some people may prefer one kind over another because certain types seem more comfortable than others when worn underneath their jeans while riding around town during those hot summer months when most warm-blooded creatures would rather spend their days indoors somewhere else other than outside under blazing heat waves.”

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