10 Fun Things To Do on A Horse Riding Lesson

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A blog about what you can do on a horse riding lesson.


Jumping is one of the most popular things to do on a horse riding lesson.

Some horses love jumping, while others hate it and will refuse to jump at all. Some love it so much that they can jump very high and some can jump far. If you’re lucky, your horse will be able to do both of these things!

Other horses are scared of jumping but still have to learn how because they have an important job in life that involves jumping over something like small fences or barrels in front of an audience (like during a show). The best way for these horses is through positive reinforcement from their rider or trainer using treats like carrots or apples as rewards when they finally manage it!

Western riding

  • Western
  • English
  • Other styles of riding, such as polo and dressage.

In case you’re new to the world of horse riding, there are a few different styles that you can try:

Western is more like what we might think of as cowboy style. It’s a lot of fun, but also very challenging. The rider sits on the back of their horse in a very relaxed manner with their feet hanging down from underneath them. They use spurs on their boots to guide their horse where they want it to go (this is called “bucking”). You’ll need some special equipment for this kind of riding — including a western saddle and bridle!

English is similar in many ways with western except that there’s less flexibility for your legs and body as well as less room for error when moving around because even if one leg slips off its side then everything else will come tumbling down too quickly without having time or being able to react properly.”


Eventing is a three phase sport that tests the horse and rider’s ability in dressage (a judged artform), cross country jumping, and show jumping.

The three phases are:

  • Dressage – The standard type of horse riding competition where the horse performs specific controlled movements and figures at the walk, trot and canter at various gaits. Judges give scores for each movement based on how well it is done by the rider/horse combination as well as how well they work together to create harmony between themselves.
  • Cross Country – A high speed combination of steeplechase races, fences (obstacles), water jumps, banks etc., over many miles through varying terrain; this phase requires stamina and speed from both horse & rider alike! Depending on which category you enter – YEH (Young Event Horse) or NAYESYH (National Working Hunter) etc, there are different types of obstacles such as fences made out of natural materials like logs or ditches which must be navigated safely without error so that no faults are incurred during this section too!


Dressage is a French word meaning training. It is the basis of all equestrian sport, but it also refers to a specific event in horse shows where horses are judged on their manners and obedience. Horses must be able to perform very precise movements, such as walking on a very straight line with no deviation from the center. They must also show balance by moving around in circles and spirals without losing their footing or speed.

Dressage riders are not only athletes who train hard every day to improve themselves; they’re also teachers who teach their horses how to behave properly by using gentle pressure at the right moments during each exercise (which can take up several minutes). If a rider uses too much force, the horse might become afraid of her or him and refuse to obey them anymore!

Bareback riding

Bareback riding is a fun way to get close to your horse. You can benefit from the closeness by practicing how to pick up your feet, because letting the horse do all of the work will help you understand how he moves and what he feels like underneath you. You should also try bareback riding when you are first learning how to ride, as it will help you learn balance and flexibility in your lower back (which is important for proper posture). If you want extra support while bareback riding but don’t have a surcingle or pad handy, try using an old towel or blanket! This gives some cushioning between your body and his back so that both animals feel comfortable during their time together.

When bareback riding comes time for him to move away from standing still or turning around in place without having his rider on his back (which is most likely what he wants), remember that this can be difficult at first because there isn’t anything keeping him from moving forward other than himself – but once mastered it becomes second nature!

Barefoot riding

Barefoot riding is a great way to get started with horse riding. It’s also the best way to learn how to ride, as it teaches you how your horse moves and why it moves that way.

Additionally, barefoot riding will help build strong feet for when you’re ready for shoes!


Polo is a fun game to play and it can be played on horseback or on foot. The players use mallets to hit a ball into the goal, which is usually about 2 meters wide with 3 meter high posts. There are 10 players in each team, plus one substitute who stands on the sidelines ready to go in if another player gets hurt.

Polo ponies are small horses that are bred specifically for this game. Whether you play on foot or horseback, it’s important that your pony be well-trained so he knows what he’s doing when you’re not there telling him what to do!

Horse racing

Horse racing is one of the most popular equestrian sports in the world. It’s divided into categories of flat races and jump races, with horse races held all over the world at different distances on different surfaces (dirt or turf). The two most common surfaces are dirt and turf.

Some horses are better suited for one than another, but both surfaces require dedication from their jockeys as well as a great deal of skill on behalf of their trainers. Horse racing takes place all over the United States in addition to countries such as Canada, England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand—and even Japan!



Road riding (Hacking)

Hacking is when you take your horse out on the road or in the countryside. This is a great way to get confident with your horse and will build up their fitness. You can go hacking with your friends, instructor or family. It’s also a nice way to see the countryside around where you live.

There are so many more things to do on a horse besides just riding.

The horse riding lesson is just the beginning of a long list of things you can do while on your horse. While riding is a popular activity, there are so many more fun things to do with horses that don’t involve riding at all.

Horses are also used for leisure, recreation, and sports. Some examples of these activities include:

  • Horseback Riding (Riding)
  • Polo (Polo)
  • Dressage (Horse Showing)

When choosing which activity you want to try out with your horse, it’s important to make sure that the breed of your horse will allow them to participate in it safely!

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