7 Reasons Why To Keep Horses As Pets

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You can groom them.

But of course, there are many kinds of grooming tools. The different types of brushes you can use on your horse include:

  • the body brush, which is small and has a flat back
  • the dandy brush, which has stiff bristles
  • the soft brush (also known as the finishing or polishing brush), which has soft tufts of hair or bristles
  • the hoof pick, which is used to clean out manure from your horse’s hooves. It often comes with a stiff brush at one end to also scrape off mud and dirt before picking anything out.

There’s also the curry comb (or simply “curry”), another type of grooming tool used on horses that’s round with short teeth all around it so you can remove dirt and loose hair by rubbing it in circles on your horse without damaging their skin. A harder version of this called a shedding blade may be used to help shed out a heavy winter coat as well.

If you want to de-tangle any knots in your horse’s mane or tail, you’ll need something like an actual comb (or a mane comb) instead, but these kind of combs should never be used on other parts of your horse because they may pull out too much hair instead of just getting rid of tangles!

You can go camping with them.

  • Pack their favorite snacks
  • Prepare for bad weather
  • Teach them how to behave in the wild

While I’m not a certified trainer, there are many ways you can prepare your horse for camping. Some campgrounds require that you provide water for your horse, so it’s a good idea to bring extra water bottles with you or fill your horse’s empty ones when the time comes. You can also provide hay and other feed for a cold night out, as well as salt licks for the horses (usually at campsites). If your horse has never been on a camping trip before, it’s important to have some sort of device that will not only protect their feet from sharp and uneven ground but help them keep track of where they are in case they get lost. It might be as simple as attaching a bright LED light strip across each fetlock if you’re going out into the woods during the day; even my dog knows which way she is going when her collar illuminates like that.

You can teach them tricks.

Tricks can be fun, but they do take time to teach. Patience is key here, as you’ll need daily practice if you want your horse to learn anything. And of course, you’ll want to reward your horse with treats when they do something well.

Here are a few tricks that you can teach your horse:

  • How to bow: Yes, horses really can bow! This trick requires patience and persistence on the part of both the trainer and the horse. It generally takes about three weeks for a horse to begin bowing–but once they get it down, there’s no limit to how low their bows can go!
  • How to count: Horses have been known to count up to seven–and sometimes even higher than that! You’ll need a lot of patience for this one as well–but it’s worth it when your horse starts counting on its own without prompting from you!
  • How to smile: A smiling horse is a happy one–and what better way than with some simple training techniques? Start by showing them their reflection in the mirror and eventually they will start smiling back at themselves naturally – before long yours will be grinning ear-to-ear every single day!

You can decorate their manes with ribbons and bows.

A popular item among horse owners is bows and ribbons. These are used to decorate the mane of a horse, usually by tying them in the hair. While some owners may be able to create bows and ribbons themselves, they can also be bought at pet stores or on the internet. Some owners like to match the color of their ribbon to the color of their horse’s mane, while other owners like to pick different colors for a more distinctive look. If you want something that will make your horse stand out at an event or competition, consider picking up some ribbons or bows. You’ll probably get compliments!

When applying ribbon or bow decorations to your horse’s mane, it’s important to braid the hair first so that it stays in place as you tie on each bow. You don’t want it falling out during competitions or shows as this will make you (and your horse) look bad.

You can take photos of them to share on social media.

You can also use them as a social media prop. Horses are very photogenic and can be outfitted in many different ways. You can take photos of your horse in different locations such as your backyard or by the beach, at sunset or during a snowstorm.

Pose your horse with a friend standing next to it, maybe wearing one of those hats with ears on it or a shirt that says “I love my pet horse”. If you want something really special then get dressed up like each other.

Take photos of your horse doing different things like jumping over fences, prancing through fields and running around with other horses.

You can paint their hooves as an art project.

Water-based paints can be used to paint the surface of a horse’s hoof, but not the hoof wall. They will chip and peel off in about a week and can be washed off with warm water, soap and a sponge. It’s best to ask your horse if they are okay with this before doing it. You may also want to get their permission before using red or pink paint as some horses don’t like these colors and can be upset if they get painted on them. Painted hooves make for great photo ops!

You can get ice cream together and have dress-up parties in the barn, #everydayisaparty !

  • #1: You can get ice cream together and have dress-up parties in the barn, #everydayisaparty !

The perfect bonding experience for you and your horse is to share some yummy ice cream at the local barn. After your special friend has eaten all of their ice cream treat, then they can take you back to their place for a party of your own!

A dress-up party with other horses! Come as your favorite character and let everyone know how cute you look on Twitter or Instagram. Take selfies with everyone there, especially any other unicorns that come by – we love seeing those! No matter what costume you choose for yourself or for your horse, it’ll be fun either way.

Horses are fun, so consider adopting one of your own.

Whether by birth or adoption, becoming the parent of a horse is a commitment that could last as long as 15 to 20 years. That’s not to say you need to take part in an equine fertility program with intent to breed; most people who choose horses as pets are doing it for companionship and fun activities. But if you are going to keep a horse, you’ll want to be ready for all of its needs from start to finish.

Horses can be expensive pets whether they come from a breeder or an animal shelter, but that isn’t the only cost involved. They require regular veterinary care, especially once they get older and reach the end of their lives. In addition, horses need space and shelter, along with nutritious food and water throughout their lifetime. All of these costs can quickly add up over time, so make sure you’re prepared before getting your first horse pet!

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