How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Without Using Eyeliner

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Look for the right frames for your face.

When navigating the sea of frames, you’ll want to begin searching by face shape. Once you know which ones will complement your features, then you can browse different materials and colours. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

If your face is round: Go for square or rectangular frames that have more straight lines and edges. The contrast will provide balance, making your eyes appear larger.

If your face is square: You’ll want to look for round frames (obviously). Angular frames will only make a square face appear even more boxy, so steer clear!

If your face is long: Your best bet is wider frames with decorative or contrasting temples. This helps add width to the side of the face, creating an illusion that makes it appear shorter.

Don’t neglect your brows.

  • Shape your brows
  • Use a brow pencil
  • Don’t overdo it
  • Fill in gaps
  • Make sure they are not too dark

Enhance your lids with false lashes.

Enhance your lids with false lashes.

You can apply false lashes just to the outer half of your eyelid, which will make your eyes seem wider than they are. Apply the lashes with tweezers and then use a cotton swab to apply dark eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes. This will give you a bright-eyed effect that makes your eyes look wider and larger.

Apply liner to the waterline of your eye.

With an angled brush, you can use dark liner on the waterline of your eye to help it appear larger. Make sure that you use dark brown or black eyeliner only because white or other light colors won’t look as good against a dark backdrop like this one. You’ll also want to add mascara so it’s blended into the appearance of those lash extensions that you got earlier!

Use mascara on top lashes first and bottom last.

If you’re a pro at applying mascara, then make sure that you are using it sparingly in order for their effects not too be ruined – but don’t skip out entirely! Applying just two coats can help add volume as well (and some length) without clumping up any dried product from earlier in the day when applying new layers before heading out for an evening event.

Use light-reflecting concealer.

To make your eyes look bigger, you’ll want to use a concealer with a light-reflecting quality. Apply this in a triangle shape under the eye and blend with your fingers. Apply after foundation, but before powder.

Highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

You can use a light colored eyeshadow to highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

The light shade of eyeshadow gives your eyes the illusion of looking bigger and brighter.

Apply the shadow with a small makeup brush in both the top and bottom inner corners.

Make sure you blend the shadow with the rest of your eyeshadow after you are finished applying it.

Enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes is a great way to make them pop.

  • Use a light-reflecting concealer.

Placing a light-reflecting concealer in the inner corners of your eyes will make them pop and look instantly larger. A good trick with this is to use a lighter color or one that has pink undertones, because it will help make you look awake and alert. If you want to go for an extra bit of brightness, try applying white eyeliner to the lower waterline of your eye and follow it with a nude shade on top. This will create the illusion that the whites of your eyes are bigger than they are.

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