8 Best Horseback Riding Spots Near NYC

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Jamaica Bay Riding Academy

The Jamaica Bay Riding Academy is located in the Gateway National Recreation Area, which is perfect for those who want to combine a day at this riding spot with exploring the beautiful park. The park offers a variety of other activities, including hiking and biking.

The cost per person ranges from $40-$65 depending on what kind of ride you want (trail ride or one hour lesson), but children under 12 are free. Riders must be 6 years or older and weigh between 80-200 pounds. All riders must sign a waiver before participating in any rides or lessons; anyone under 18 years old must have their parent or guardian sign their waiver as well.

There is no parking lot at this location; instead, riders should park along Flatbush Avenue near Shore Road and walk down towards the beach to find their horses waiting for them! There are bathrooms nearby–but bring water too because there isn’t any closer than that!

Hours vary depending on what time of year it is: check out their website here https://www/jamaicabayridingacademy/riding-times-and-prices/. If you still have questions after reading through everything above then reach out directly via email at info@jamaicabayridingacademycom

War Horse Stables

War Horse Stables is a great place to visit if you’re looking to get on your horse and ride. The stables are located in upstate New York; rides are an hour long, and they are offered every day throughout the year. They have trails set up through their property, so riders can feel like they’re galloping through nature while surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Upstate New York.

To top it off, War Horse offers guided rides led by experienced guides who will make sure everyone has a good time!

Timber Ridge Stables

Whether you’re new to horseback riding or are looking to brush up on your skills, Timber Ridge Stables offers lessons for all skill levels. As one of the most popular stables in the area, they’ve got plenty of horses that can accommodate any rider’s needs. They also offer boarding and accommodation services if you want to bring your own horse along on your stay.

The stables are located in Monticello and can be reached by taking Exit 13 off I-87 North. From there, head west on Route 22 until you reach Route 17K (about 15 miles). Once there, turn right onto 17K and follow it until it intersects with Timber Ridge Road (about 1 mile). The stables will be immediately visible from this intersection; follow them down their driveway until you see a sign for parking.

Crossed Sabres Ranch

Crossed Sabres Ranch is a great choice for horseback riding in New York. This family-friendly ranch has an indoor arena, so you can enjoy riding in any weather. It also offers horseback riding lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced riders. You can choose from a variety of horses and ponies to ride on the trail rides that are offered each day of the year (except on Sundays). If you want something special, they also host events such as weddings and parties.

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable so you’ll be sure to have a good experience here! The gift shop has many unique items that make great souvenirs or gifts for someone special or yourself!

Dutchess County Fairgrounds

Dutchess County Fairgrounds is a favorite spot for horseback riders. Located in Rhinebeck, the fairgrounds are open year-round and offer trails for all levels of riders. Both private lessons and group trail rides (on varying difficulty levels) are available, as well as pony rides for kids ages 4–10 on weekends.

The staff at Dutchess County Fairgrounds has over 30 years of riding experience to ensure that your time with them will be enjoyable and safe. They also take pride in their facilities being clean, which makes it a great option if you’re new to horseback riding or just want to try something different without having to travel far!

The facilities include: covered picnic areas; indoor restrooms; an outdoor cold tub; water coolers (horses can drink from them too); two arenas with multiple gates so horses can move freely between them; an outdoor ring where trail rides depart from every hour on the hour starting at 9am through 6pm during summer months (hours change seasonally). This is one place where both horse lovers and families can spend quality time together while getting some exercise in!

West Hills Park

West Hills Park is located in the county of Fairfield, Connecticut. It offers several different horse trails for riding enthusiasts to explore. The park also has a picnic area and playing field for children, making it an ideal place to take your family on a day trip. If you’re looking for more activities after spending the day at West Hills Park, consider visiting scenic Mystic Seaport or strolling down Main Street in Mystic with its old-fashioned shops and restaurants.

Meadowview Equestrian Center

Meadowview is located in the Town of Wallkill, New York. The riding trail is a perfect choice for beginners, with a flat and smooth surface. In addition to its trails, Meadowview offers horseback riding lessons for both children and adults. If you are traveling with children who want to learn how to ride horses, or if your child has never been around horses before and you would like him or her to get started on an easier trail at first, then this is a great place for them!

The trail is about 2 miles long—about 20 minutes at a walking pace—and winds through acres of lush green woods and beautiful open meadows. There are two ponds that you can pass by on either side as well as quite a few bridges over streams where water runs underneath them. You can also get up close with nature by looking out into the trees surrounding you while riding along this path; there are plenty of birds flying around overhead all day long so bring binoculars if possible!

If you love horses, you’ll love these trails.

If you love horses, you’ll love these trails. From stables that offer lessons for beginners to horse farms with beautiful scenery and stunning vistas, here are some of the best places to go horseback riding near NYC.

  • The Hunter Ranch in Westchester County, NY: This ranch offers guided trail rides through rolling hills and open plains. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, they also offer overnight camps where you can sleep out under the stars and ride by moonlight.
  • Pine Plains Riding Stable in Dutchess County, NY: Pine Plains has been breeding horses since 1938! Their horses are used for everything from competitive riding to working cattle on ranches all over America. They train people who want to learn how to ride or just enjoy a peaceful day out on the trails at their farm.

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