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free ebooks

Free ebooks can be download from the link below:

The free ebooks are written for the general public, professions, students, teachers and parents. The free ebooks cover the following subjects:

  • Happy marriage
  • Education
  • Self-esteem & self help

I wrote a collection of free math books available at

I wrote a collection of free math books available at, where you can download the three books in PDF format or read the books online on any device. There are some technical requirements for reading the books online: You must have a PDF reader plugin installed in your browser, and your browser must support a certain type of encryption called RC4.

The collection includes:

  • A First Course in Linear Algebra (a free linear algebra textbook available at
  • Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications (a free abstract algebra text, part 1 of 2; more information is available at
  • Abstract Algebra II: Second Semester (more information is available at

These ebooks are provided by Professor Robert Beezer from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington USA, as part of his award-winning collection of math texts

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