How to choose Riding Breeches

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When it comes to colors, there are several factors that you should take into consideration. The first and probably most important is your personality. If you have a conservative personality, then why not opt for a classic look? If you like being bold, then go bold! The choice is yours!

Then, think about what colors match your horse’s personality. Is he flashy and colorful or does he prefer to blend in with his surroundings? Either way, this could be an excellent way for both of you to express yourselves (and let’s face it: no one wants to ride around on a boring-looking horse).

If the saddle and bridle are also part of the equation, don’t forget that they must complement each other as well as themselves (yes they can be different colors). Don’t use flashy tack if all else around is dull; instead try matching everything so that it looks elegant together.

Finally consider which level of competition do you think this outfit will best suit: Beginner Novice Rider or Advanced Novice Rider?


As you look through the different styles of breeches available, it can be hard to know which style you like best. Below is a list of the different styles and their key characteristics that will help you decide.

  • Riding breeches: The most common style of riding breeches are made with a traditional fit and classic colors such as black, brown, or navy blue. They have straight legs that don’t cuff at the bottom and are made from durable materials that feel comfortable against your skin while being stretchy enough for riding in all types of weather. These are popular because they’re easy to find anywhere and they come at an affordable price point—which means they’re great if you’re just starting out!
  • Showing breeches: These riding pants tend to have slimmer silhouettes than other types but still provide plenty of room for movement when you’re in the saddle; this makes them perfect when showing off your horse at shows! The material is usually very soft so as not irritate sensitive skin during competitions; however, since these pants tend to cost more money than regular ones without sacrificing comfortability (i.e., less bulkiness), many riders prefer showing over schooling/hunting/etcetera…

Knit Lined or unlined

Lined breeches are a great option for many riders and can be more comfortable, but you should consider their additional weight. Some people find that unlined breeches are easier to move around in and keep them cooler during the warmer months of the year (though there is no rule that says you can’t wear lined breeches in the summer). Unlined breeches tend to be lighter and cooler, making them perfect for those hot days at camp or when schooling on the track.

However, a lot of people like their lined riding pants because they help hold their shape better throughout a long day of riding. They also tend to be more comfortable than unlined options because they provide an extra layer between your legs and chaps if you use both while riding!

Just remember: no matter what type of riding pant (or chaps) you choose, make sure it fits well before buying so that it doesn’t rub against any sensitive areas while working cattle!

Pockets or no pockets

  • Pockets or No Pockets?

Pockets are a great way to carry a phone, a treat for your horse, or a small brush for your horse’s coat. Additionally, if you’re looking to add some style to your breeches, pockets can be a fantastic place to show off the unique design of these pants. However, no-pockets is the most professional look and lets you have sleeker design that isn’t weighed down with extra material.


  • The material of your breeches is what you’ll feel against your skin. This can be anything from traditional cotton to stretch denim and even leather, which is not quite as common in riding breeches but still has its own merits.
  • Most people use stretch denim for their riding pants because it’s durable, breathable and has great grip. However, many find that the fit of these types of materials isn’t always ideal for everyone. It’s best to choose the style that makes you comfortable!
  • If you’re looking for something that feels more like traditional cotton but with a little more durability (and possibly some extra protection), then reinforced canvas may be up your alley.

Figure out what features are most important to you in riding breeches and seek those out!

When it comes to choosing riding breeches, there are a few main things to consider. By thinking through some of these factors, you’ll be able to find the right pair that fits your needs and tastes.

  • What color do you want? Some women prefer black or navy blue breeches; other people go for more colorful options like lavender, pink or teal (just make sure they’re not too bright!).
  • What style are you looking for? There are many different styles available; one common option has an elasticized waistband with belt loops built in so that riders can use their own belts instead of having an extra piece of fabric around their waists. These can look nice if done correctly but also may need repairs over time due to stretching out from being worn often and putting strain on them constantly when riding horses around fields every day!
  • Do your new riding breeches have pockets? If so: how many pockets would be ideal? One large pocket on each side would suffice but two smaller ones across the back could be better if those were specifically made just for holding certain items such as keys or cell phones while riding along trails during mountain treks where cell reception might not exist (or maybe they do!) —

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