How to take care of your horse

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How to take care of your horse: A blog around the various ways you can look after your horse.

Make sure they have the right food

It is important that you feed your horse the right food. The right food will depend on the age and type of your horse, so it’s best to talk to a vet or someone who knows about horses before making any decisions.

Grass is the best food for horses! Horses don’t need much else, but they still need some other things in their diet: oats, hay and straw are all necessary for them to stay healthy. Any horse owner will tell you that it’s important to feed your horse at least twice a day.

Make sure they have fresh water

When it comes to a horse’s health and wellbeing, the first thing you should think about is water. It’s important that your horse has access to fresh water at all times, and that this water is replaced daily.

When bringing in new horses into your stable or keeping them in a paddock for an extended period of time, make sure you have several buckets of clean drinking water available for them at any given time. This will prevent your horses from getting dehydrated and can be especially useful if the weather gets hot during summer months!

Horses should always have access to sufficient amounts of clean drinking water at all times. Whether they’re inside or out makes no difference; however, if they are outside then make sure that there are no other animals (including humans) who could accidentally contaminate their supplies by coming into contact with them directly before reaching their intended destinations because this might cause some serious issues later on down the road!

Keep them sheltered from the wind and rain

If you keep your horse in a stable, its health and happiness is your responsibility. That means making sure it’s sheltered from the rain, wind and cold. It’s not just about keeping out the elements; if you want to keep your horse well looked after, you should also be prepared for illness caused by these things too.

Windbreaks aren’t just for humans – they’re also essential for horses! If you have a small stable or paddock area that doesn’t have proper shelter (like trees), then consider getting some windbreaks or fences that can protect them from bad weather conditions like strong winds or heavy rains. The same applies if they are outside at all times: make sure they get enough shelter in case there’s any inclement weather coming their way!

Make sure they have a clean stable with plenty of space to move around and sleep

A clean stable is essential. If there is not enough space to move around, your horse will become stressed, which can lead to illness and injury.

Make sure they have enough room to lie down and sleep in peace. A dirty stable with poor ventilation will not only make your horse unhappy, but could also cause them respiratory problems due to the increased humidity levels.

Taking care of your horse involves spending time with your horse, making sure it has the essential nutrients, keeping it safe from the elements and providing it with shelter.

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