Jessica Springsteen-Lautner and Taylor Lautner Relationship

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When they met.

Jessica and Taylor met at a horse show in Wellington, Florida. The two were introduced by mutual friend Lauren Hough—a world-class equestrian herself—and had an immediate connection.

Jessica was working at her family’s New Jersey horse farm, Runaway Farms, while Taylor lived in California as a star on the Twilight movie franchise.

After initial introductions, they each returned to their separate homes. Jessica focused on training horses and competing in events like the Hampton Classic Horse Show, while Taylor filmed more Twilight films until its end in 2012.

In an interview with Vogue Australia about her boyfriend of three years, Jessica said: “We have very similar backgrounds – both our parents are entrepreneurs and we love the outdoors.” She also said that she’s grown up surrounded by people “who love horses as much as I do.”

When they became close friends.

The first stage of their relationship came when they became close friends. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment where Jessica Springsteen and Taylor Lautner decided to become close friends, but one thing is for certain: the two were thrilled with the decision. ‘I’m so happy I met Jess,’ Taylor said in an interview with GQ. ‘She’s just a great gal.’ Although it took a little while for them to meet, as Jessica was born in 1991 and Taylor was born in 1992, once they finally did meet in 2006, it didn’t take long for them to become close friends. They learned that they had a lot in common: love of traveling around the world; interest in studying and improving their skills; dedication to helping others; and an overall positive attitude toward life.

They got to know each other by attending programs at their local horse stables (Jessica) and doing a play at school (Taylor). They supported each other by attending each other’s programs (Jessica attended Taylor’s play) or events (Taylor attended Jessica’s horse jumping competition), helping each other with homework or chores that needed help, doing activities together like playing tennis or baking cookies, sharing personal experiences including family stories and funny anecdotes from childhood, encouraging one another through tough times such as tests or fights with siblings. Over time they grew more confident with each other by being honest about themselves as people–their faults as well as strengths–and learning how best to communicate different emotions that might come up during conversations about important topics such as religion politics ethics morality philosophy etc…

When they started dating.

The relationship between these two began on the set of Taylor Lautner’s movie, Abduction. Jessica was cast as a model for one of his scenes and their romance blossomed from there. The pair dated for about four years before breaking up in 2009.

Many sources state that the reason for their breakup was because Jessica wanted to focus on her career, but many believe that it was because she found out that Taylor had cheated on her with Kristen Stewart while they were filming New Moon together

They announced their engagement in May 2017.

The engagement ring Taylor gave Jessica was a three-carat cushion cut diamond by Jacob and Co. The venue they chose for their wedding in December 2017 was the Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel in Montecito, California, and the ceremony was attended by 200 guests. Celebrities guests who attended include Martha Stewart, Bill Murray and Ed Sheeran.

Taylor and Jessica first met in June 2011 at an event organised by SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker). Taylor proposed to Jessica at their home in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve 2016.

Their wedding in February 2019.

They announced their engagement in May 2017 and married in February 2019. Jessica Springsteen-Lautner and Taylor Lautner relationship has grown over time.

Example: They have been dating since 2013. They got married at the Somerset County Courthouse in Somerville, NJ on Tuesday, February 12, 2019.

Jessica Springsteen and Taylor Lautner are an example of a couple whose relationship grew over time

Jessica Springsteen and Taylor Lautner’s relationship developed over time, as all relationships do. Here are the key stages that led to their long-lasting union:

  • Acquaintanceship: The pair met each other at a party. This is the start of most romantic relationships. In an interview with Love Magazine in 2009, Jessica described the first night that they met: “I was at this party and I was like, ‘There’s literally not one person here who I can talk to,’ and I saw TayTay [Taylor Lautner] standing on his own and he looked so sad and alone. So I walked up to him and said, ‘So what do you think of this band?’” The rest is history!

Their acquaintanceship grew into friendship which developed into a romance. As Jessica has stated in various interviews, she knew from the start of their acquaintance that Taylor was someone special. “He’s just a really nice guy,” says Jessica Springsteen-Lautner in an interview with Emily Blunt for Glamour Magazine in 2011.

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